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Manual 2.3.4 updates come to Nexus phones, no Talk for N1

May 3, 2011 | by Michael Heller

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Android 2.3.4 is coming soon OTA for Nexus devices, but as always, the manual updates come early to those who want them. Nexus S users are extra lucky in that the update also brings the new version of Google Talk which allows for video and audio chat. Unfortunately, Nexus One users aren’t so lucky. I can’t understand why Google hasn’t added in the new version for N1 users. The announcement of the new Google Talk specifically said that phones without a front-facing camera would still be able to use the new version because it also included audio chat. I may not have a front-facing camera, but I’d love to be able to place calls to my GTalk friends around the world video or not. Let’s hope that the new GTalk will be hitting the Nexus One sooner rather than later, as it’s unclear what improvements 2.3.4 brings to the Nexus One without the GTalk update.

If you want to manually update your phone, here’s how:

1) Grab the update you need:

2) Rename the zip file to “” (no quotes obviously, and be careful if you have file extensions hidden you just need to name the file “update”). Side note: Nexus S users can actually skip this step, as the NS can flash any file.

3) Copy the update file to your SD card (Nexus One) or internal storage (Nexus S)

4) Turn off your device.

5) While holding the volume DOWN button (Nexus One), or volume UP button (Nexus S), turn on your device.

6) Press volume down to highlight “Recovery” then press the power button to select it.

7) When you see the triangle with the exclamation point, press Volume Up and the power button together (may take a few tries.)

8) Nexus One: use trackball to highlight and select “apply”. Nexus S choose “apply update from /sdcard” then select the update file.

9) 2.3.4!