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Google Earth now looks and performs better on Android tablets

May 5, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



The lack of Android tablet apps has been a thorn in the side of Honeycomb users everywhere. Things are thankfully starting to pick-up, and we’re seeing an uptick in apps that are being optimized for use on Android tablets. The latest such example is Google Earth.

Google has announced that Google Earth for Android has been updated to “look better than ever on your tablet.” The improved visuals come courtesy of new textures that have more detail and scale better on the larger screens seen on tablets. Users will now have a much clearer view of the cities they explore, and will be able to quickly search through them with a new Action Bar on Honeycomb. The Action Bar provides layer information for Google Places, Panoramio pictures, and Wikipedia entries.

It’s good to see Google take a more active role in enhancing the way Android apps look in Honeycomb. Even if we don’t see more apps built from the ground-up with Android tablets in mind, which is obviously preferable, it’s good to see Google be more creative with treatment for apps that we already love. All that extra space is there for a reason, so take advantage of it.

Download the latest version of Google Earth to see how well it performs on your Android tablet. There are some hardware and regional limitations for using the app, so visit the Google Earth Help Center if you run into problems.