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Enterproid gives Android phones 2-for-1 experience: half business, half party

May 13, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



The days of having two phones for work and pleasure are over now that companies can give Android users the security and enterprise-ready tools of a “work phone,” and still maintain a Facebook-reading, Foursquare checking, what you do is your prerogative fun of a “personal phone” in one device.

Enterproid’s soon-to-launch Divide service provides both traditional modes of cellular communication in one Android phone. Enterproid does this by allowing employees to maintain a completely personal profile on their Nexus S or any other Android 2.2 and higher phone. But when 9 AM strikes and it’s time to get to work, users simply key in a numeric password and enter the business profile that loads a separate set of applications and widgets geared towards the enterprise. More importantly, this business profile includes the tools and security that will satisfy a company’s needs to protect its information.

The business profile on Divides sandboxes and encrypts all data sent, received, or stored locally on a device. Users are then free to browse the web and Android Market at their leisure because threats like trojans or malware do not trickle into the secured areas that can access corporate email or files. IT administrators can monitor phone activity to prevent roaming charges, set permissions according to groups, or reset passwords. Divide even enables them to remotely install and remove apps or content from an employee’s phone. However, employers will only have access to the business profile, so personal information cannot be wiped.

Enterproid is launching its Divide service this summer. Price has yet to be disclosed, but interested parties can visit for contact information. Here’s a quick video demonstration of how easy it is to switch between a personal profile and a business profile.