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Vlingo Android app adds UK localization for better speech recognition and hands-free commands

April 7, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



Americans and Britons both speak English. But talk to someone from New York, USA and someone from Yorkshire, England, you’ll notice that there are clear differences between each brand.

Android users in the United Kingdom will be happy to know that Vlingo has recognized this and introduced localization for accents in the UK. The latest version of Vlingo does a better job of recognizing speech patterns, which will produce more accurate results when using Virtual Assistant to perform voice searches for EPL fixtures or posting to Facebook. (Ed note: based on my experience with America’s many different accents, I’m guessing the same will hold true and someone from Liverpool may experience different results from someone from Cardiff.)

Vlingo is a popular Android app that can “turn your words into action.” Using voice commands, users can search the web, start a Google Maps Navigation, send text messages, or even post to Facebook without ever having to touch the phone other than to confirm the speech-to-text. The app also has a SafeReader function that will read incoming email or text messages out-loud and allow you to respond to text messages with your voice. It’s basically a stronger version of Google Voice Search.

UK Android users can download Vlingo for free from the Android Market. A phone running Android 2.0 or higher is required to use Vlingo. (Note: Vlingo also powered the Samsung Galaxy S II voice recognition feature demo’d at Mobile World Congress).