TuneIn Radio Pro records live radio stream on Android [Video App Reviews]

April 27, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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Streaming radio on Android phones is great thanks to a variety of options. My personal favorite, TuneIn Radio, just got a little better thanks to some design improvements and a killer new feature. RadioTime, Inc. has just released TuneIn Radio Pro, providing a premium version of its popular app that can now record live streams.

TuneIn Radio Pro allows users to listen to live radio and save the exact stream being sent to their phones. By tapping on the red “Record” button, the app begins recording the audio source and saving it as an “.m4a” file. That allows me to record a funny segment from the morning radio show and then play it through the app or send it to my Dropbox or a friend’s email.

The recording option adds on to the things that have already made TuneIn great. The app offer more than 50,000 sources for music, news, sports, and talk radio. You’ll find major news sources like BBC and NPR, sports stations like Sirius 98 The Score, and your local radio networks available in 32kbps-128 streams. Best of all, you can pause those streams and resume live radio like a DVR. Here’s a quick video tour of TuneIn Radio Pro. The app is available now in the Amazon App Store ($0.99), but you’ll also see it in the Android Market beginning FRIDAY ($0.99).


  • Browse podcast directory, or live local radio, music, talk, Sports, and more
  • Record live radio streams and save or share
  • Save presets of favorites
  • Set sleep timer or alarm to play as you go to sleep or wake-up to a specific station

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