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PlayStation Android emulator PSX4Droid now free

April 7, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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Emulators exist in a no-man’s land where the legality is cloudy. So when Sony Ericsson announced that it would deliver the Xperia Play (aka the Android PlayStation Phone), most people quickly realized that emulators like PSX4Droid were in trouble. Sure enough, Google removed PSX4Droid from the Android Market and hasn’t provided any clues to developer zodttd about how he can get it back into the market.

As a result, zodttd has made his PlayStation emulator free to anyone with a device capable of supporting it. PSX4droid 3.0 was announced last night and made available via an APK file that users can download and install on their phones. Version 3.0 is based on the PCSX-ReARMed emulator that will help graphic rendering (better looking and less hiccups) with more improvements planned. Previous save states from PSX will not be compatible, so zodttd warns that users should “be sure to turn OFF quick load before running games in 3.0.0. You should save over the quick saves or delete them before turning back on quick load.”

Remember that just like previous versions of PSX4Droid, and dozens of other apps we’ve covered in the past, performance will vary by phone. An Atrix 4G user reports crashing while other users say the old version of PSX is capable of playing games that crash in 3.0. If your current version of PSX plays fine, wait a few days and bookmark to see if new updates prove more compatible with your device. Considering that PSX4droid probably won’t get back into the Android Market, that will be the best place to track progress.

[Zodttd] via Twitter Thanks, Xavi!