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March brings 14 new OpenFeint games, 215 since November

April 5, 2011 | by Michael Heller

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The OpenFeint platform has no doubt been a boon for the Android gaming ecosystem. Occasionally, we get updates that more and more games are including the social gaming of OpenFeint and are being ported from iOS to Android, but now we’re getting a better idea of just how much has come through.

According to a new press release from OpenFeint, they have brought 215 new games to Android since November, and 315 games in total. OpenFeint has done a great job of partnering with developers and publishers, but they have also done well to help smaller developers find funding for their games. And, the OpenFeint SDK has been used quite a bit in porting popular games from iOS to Android. For their efforts, OpenFeint is claiming that they have amassed over 73 million users across all platforms. That’s a pretty sizable user-base.

The OpenFeint releases for March were:

  • Can Knockdown: 2 Infinite Dreams
  • Doodle Bowling: GameResort
  • Grave Defense Silver Free: Art of Bytes
  • Guerrilla Bob: Angry Mob Games
  • Meganoid: Orange Pixel
  • Ninja Rush Deluxe: Feelingtouch Inc.
  • Pyxidis: Hyperbees Ltd.
  • Return Zero (BETA): We came from Mars
  • Snail Mail for Android: Sandlot Games
  • Speedx 3D free&full: Hyperbees Ltd.
  • Stellar Escape: Orange Agenda
  • Stupid Zombies: GameResort
  • World Series of Poker Hold’em Legend: Glu
  • Tank Hero: Clapfoot Games

That’s a pretty solid selection adding to an already impressive library. Of course, conspicuously missing is the game that started it all: Aurora Feint, which was one of my favorites in my iPhone days, and one that I’d still love to see come to Android.

Are there any OpenFeint games that you guys still want to see come to Android?