Little Photo is a free camera app with stylish filters [Android App Reviews]

April 11, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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There are few apps on iOS hotter than Instagram, a camera app that takes mobile photos and stylizes them to reflect retro forms of photography. PicPlz has emerged as a great Android alternative as people wait for Instagram to land on Android, and Vignette has been an incredible app for people willing to spend a few bucks to make their camera photos look artistic.

Little Photo is a great Android camera app that can do many of things available in the aforementioned camera apps, and it does it at no cost. Let’s be clear in saying that Vignette is a better app and PicPlz is excellent because of its social component, but Little Photo has is place because of two key factors: cost and simplicity.

Anyone with an Android 1.6 or higher phone can open up Little Photo and have their typically standard photos transformed into something classic. The app includes dozens of effects that replicate older style cameras that can create Lomo, Soft Lens, faded, Kodak instant, or emotive black and white images. Users can see instant previews of how each filter will affect the original image, and pressing “Apply” will quickly render a new image.

Little Photo can combine multiple filters or add anything from text to frames or mosaic covers. Users can then manually save the image and have the original image stored on the SD card if they ever want to compare or see the more natural state. (You can also load an image already on your SD card to edit). There are few more filters that I’d like to see on Little Photo, but it has enough features to be considered among the more popular options. And the fact that it’s free is a bonus for people who don’t want to pay extra. Below are a few before-and-after photos showing off some Little Photo effects.

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Effect: 201 Film

Effect: Lomo

Effect: Black and white + Heavy

Effect: Outage

Effect: Hellfire

Effect: Lomo 2

Effect: Tone lighting