LinkedIn lands in Android Market for 2.1+ phones

April 7, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

Android App Reviews, Productivity


The social network for people with – or looking for – jobs has finally come to Android. The official LinkedIn Android app is now available for download in the Market, provided that you are running an Android phone running 2.1 or higher.

LinkedIn for Android is pretty much the same that we first saw when the beta application was released in December. Members are able to browse updates from their LinkedIn contacts and then comment, reply, or Like an update. Users can also browse their connections, respond to LinkedIn invitations, and search through contacts to find a specific person or subject.

Something new from the early beta days that I quickly noticed is that you can also Reconnect (see people you know or will be interested in connecting with) and see private messages sent or received. It’s also faster and more stable. The original app I used would often have force close errors on my HTC EVO 4G, which led me to uninstall the app soon-after. That has yet to happen with the Market version because things are smooth and efficient.

The LinkedIn Android app looks pretty slick and makes it very appealing to use. My early experience has been favorable, but you can provide your positive or negative feedback at the official LinkedIn for Android group.

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