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LauncherPro Plus widget skins are beautiful. Here’s how to set them up.

April 20, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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Launcher Pro Plus recently added the ability to “skin” its widgets. The popular Android homescreen replacement app was already great because it allowed users to customize their dock icons and background, but now they gain even more control over the way widgets look.

Before the current version of LPP allowed skinning, modders would alter the app’s graphics and have users manually install the custom version of LauncherPro Plus to replace the Market version. This was great for customizing, but less than good because it required users to wait for those modders to re-skin the app every time an update was released by its official developer, Federico Carnales.

Re-flash and wait no more. Launcher Pro Plus allows users to change their homescreen’s look by taking the following steps. (Note: You must install LauncherPro and unlock the Plus features through the paid Android Market app or the old PayPal method for this week).

  1. Download themes from the Android Market
  2. From LauncherPro Plus, press Menu > Preferences
  3. Tap LP Widget Settings > People Widget (or any widget you wish to change)
  4. Tap Select Skin and choose a theme

A restart of LauncherPro is required to see the change, so press “Yes” if you only have one widget to change. Press “No” and repeat the process until you have changed multiple widgets. Changing one widget at a time is tedious and less than ideal, but it can be a good option for people who want to combine skins and have a different look for different screens.

The widgets that ship with Launcher Pro were obviously inspired by HTC’s Sense UI, but what if you want those widgets to shamelessly rip off HTC’s work? Well, now you can by purchasing the LauncherPro Sense skin developed by a third-party. However, I’d suggest that you’re probably better off using one of the more creative themes offered by by people like CLe or signals23. Here’s a look at a few options that have launched this week. Click the image to be taken to its Android Market or search the Market for other options.

P.S. Practically every review I’ve done the past month has asked me what launcher I’m using. The answer is LauncherPro Plus 99% of the time. Here’s more info on the particular set-up that I’ve used recently.

LauncherPro Plus s23 BLOCKS


Honeycomb for Launcher Pro +


LauncherPro Minimal White Skin


LauncherPro Plus s23 GTX