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InKnowledge brings Bing Maps SDK to Android

April 5, 2011 | by Michael Heller

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It just got a little bit easier for developers to create alternatives or even full replacements for Google Maps on Android. InKnowledge has released a Bing Maps SDK for Android at Codeplex.

InKnowledge says that they began working on the SDK when Microsoft released Bing AJAX Control 7. These new controls have “all JavaScript wrapped with native Java calls. As a result, Android developers can use this control without having to know the JavaScript code.” This makes it much easier for developers to make calls to the various Bing Maps services.

There is even a video showing off Bing Maps on Android. Things still are a bit buggy, though. You can see in the video that navigation gestures don’t always work, there is general lag throughout, and too many options are buried in menus. But, it’s a good start, and with some work and optimization, developers could certainly use this to create viable alternatives to Google Maps on Android.

If you want to play around with the SDK, just head over to Codeplex. Otherwise, here’s the video.

[Bing Maps] via Liveside & InKnowledge