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HTC Sensation gets more video and more UK carriers

April 13, 2011 | by Michael Heller



Yesterday, Andrew passed along the specs and preliminary info on the HTC Sensation launch, but today brings quite a bit more info for you all. For our readers across the pond, there is confirmation that after the Vodafone launch, T-Mobile UK, Orange, O2, and 3 Mobile will all be getting the new superphone.

T-Mo UK, Orange and O2 all confirmed release on Twitter, and 3 confirmed in a press release. T-Mo and Orange each stated a June release date for the phone, but O2 and 3 haven’t given a release window.

And, for everyone else who may be interested in this phone, HTC also released video from their launch presentation yesterday. The presentation highlights the multimedia features of the Sensation as well as some of the upgraded Sense 3.0 features. If you want to get even more on Sense 3.0, HTC has also set up a website to show off the new goodies.

I must admit, Sense 3.0 looks amazing. I’m a stock Android guy, but even I marveled at the new Sense lockscreen and other features. I know that there are various apps that will do similar if not the same things for any phone, but I can’t help it, the HTC Sensation looks fantastic, and if I were in the market for a new phone, I might be swayed.

As for the HTC presentation video, I’ll put the condensed 13-minute version here, but if you want the full 23-minute version, just follow the link to HTC’s YouTube page.

[HTC on YouTube]