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Google Android: 350,000 daily activations, 3 billion apps served

April 14, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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How many Android phones have been sold? Google has never given a concrete number, but the company has revealed how many Android phones and tablets are selling: 350,000 units each day.

Holding steady to estimates shared by Chairman Eric Schmidt in February, Google says it sells 350,000 Android phones or tablets each day. That’s 2.45 million per week, about 10.5 million per month, and 127.75 million per year if this trend holds.

It’s quite a feat to sell that many devices, but today’s totals don’t seem to have received much of a bump from the Motorola Xoom. One would think that the first Honeycomb tablet might have performed well enough to spike sales and send the daily activation numbers north of 350,000. Perhaps Google simply didn’t double-check figures before today’s earnings or the Xoom merely kept things steady as phone sales leveled off. Bottom line: there’s a boatload of Android devices shipping at every moment.

There have also been quite a few apps downloaded since Google opened the doors to the Android Market. According to news from today’s Q1 2011 earnings call, more than 3 billion apps have been served from the Android Market. Google didn’t breakdown how many of those apps were re-downloaded, so the number could be artificially inflated by people constantly wiping their phone to install new ROM’s or people who download one app multiple times when switching devices.

Either way, consider this telling stat: Android app downloads last quarter were up 50% since Q4 2010. Looks like it might be time to do a little housecleaning on our best Android apps list.