Go SMS Pro is a better Android app for texting [App Reviews]

April 18, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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Despite all of the great things that Android phones can do – from power your desktop’s Internet connection to control your torrent downloads – sending text messages remains as one of the most common and important features of the modern smartphone. While the default Android Messaging app gets the job done, GO SMS Pro does the same job a bit better.

GO SMS Pro is a beautifully-designed, beastly-performing messaging app that does practically everything you could want in a texting app. The beauty side reflects the MIUI-esque interface that supports themes ranging from Grey to Dark and even Christmas (themes and font packs are downloadable). There’s also a nice setting that launches a pop-up for incoming messages. Users can then respond or delete directly within the window.

The beastly side is what really makes GO SMS Pro such a great app. For one, the app supports batch actions for deleting, marking all, or backing up. Yes, GO SMS can back-up your text messages to your SD card, email, or Dropbox. You can then restore those messages if you delete or wipe your phone and need to recover. Other methods for browsing messages include searching for a person, phrase, or keyword.

There’s a long list of features that I can spew off about what GO SMS does. However, I’ll focus on two great options – scheduled messages and custom contact settings. By long-pressing on a message, users can set it to be sent at a designated time. So if your wife says, “I’m stuck at work and can’t pick up Mary,” Go SMS Pro will send Mary a text at 2:30 pm so she gets the message as soon as she gets out of class. Mary can then use the custom contact setting so when her Dad sends a message, she can use a different notification method or show a signature that applies only to that person or contact group.

Go SMS Pro has three modes – Pro, Normal, and Lite – with a variety of features enabled. If you want a faster performance that consumes less battery, turn on the Lite mode. You can also go all-out with every feature turned on and still get great results with Pro, or just customize what to keep or kill. Download the app now and play with all the features to see why this is probably the best text messaging Android app.

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