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HTC EVO 3D has no kickstand because of design issues; case will prop-up phone [Photos]

March 23, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



Sprint made the HTC EVO 4G its flagship device in 2010, and the HTC EVO 3D is poised to be the flagship device of 2011. While the EVO 3D advances last year’s model in many regards – dual-core, better display, and a new dimension – it actually takes a step back because there’s no kickstand.

Fans of the EVO 4G swear by their kickstand, which comes in handy when watching videos, using video chat, and listening to audio without having to lay the phone flat. But the EVO 3D lacks this feature because of design concerns. After my hands-on with the EVO 3D, I returned to the Sprint CTIA area to ask why a kickstand isn’t an option on the latest EVO.

“As you know, the kickstand needs to be part of the device,” a Sprint rep explained to me. “Because of the two 3D cameras and the battery, there wasn’t room for it.”

Thankfully, all is not lost. HTC has developed a case that will be able to latch-on to the EVO 3D and replicate the kickstand function that users have grown to love. The design has not been finalized and price has not been announced, but the case should be available soon after the EVO 3D launches this summer.

It would have been ideal had HTC been able to design the EVO 3D to support a kickstand. After all, a device promoted almost exclusively on it’s ability to watch 3D mobile content should have been enhanced with that kind of viewing option. Whatever the case, no pun intended, at least we know that a solution will be available.