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Vimeo Android app in the works, may support viewing and editing awesomeness

March 29, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



Vimeo released its official app for that other mobile platform people love, and it looks good enough to give me a split second of iPhone envy. The new app provides all the necessary functions to browse the video sharing website, access to upload or edit Vimeo videos, and the ability to monitor stats associated with your uploads. And it’s all free.

My envy was brief because Vimeo also took the time to confirm that a Vimeo Android app is indeed coming. Anticipating what would have been an army of “What about us?” cries from Android fans, Vimeo posted at the bottom of its announcement the following message:

“Yes, we plan on building an iPad and Android app! First we want to get the iPhone version as stable and full featured as possible, then bring all that goodness to other platforms.”

Vimeo staff member Andrew Pile says there’s no estimated time of arrival for the app as Vimeo is still trying to perfect the iPhone app before working on other platforms. I know it’s frustrating to constantly see companies go iPhone first and eventually get around to supporting Android, but I’m actually impressed enough to look forward to what Vimeo will bring to the table once it wises up. For now, we’ll just have to settle for Vimeo supporting HTML5 videos on Android phones and appearing on the Google TV Couch mode.

Visit the Vimeo blog to see the features available in the iPhone version, which we can assume will make their way over to Android provided your phone’s hardware is supported.

via Vimeo Blog

The Vimeo iPhone app is here! from Blake Whitman on Vimeo.