Viewdle takes photos, recognizes friends, and auto-tags them for Facebook [Video]

March 25, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

Android App Reviews, Android Apps


Facebook and flickr have taken the photo album online, so we’ve reached a point where someone can tag a friend and see all of the photos of that person with one click. An upcoming Android app known as Viewdle Faces makes tagging even easier with an augmented reality app.

Viewdle Labs is developing an Android app that will be capable of instantly recognizing the faces that appear in your Android phone’s viewfinder, displaying the name of your family and friends who pose for the camera. The ViewdleFaces app will then automatically tag that person when uploading to Facebook, so users will be able to skip the headache of tagging individuals in their phone photos.

At the Qualcomm booth here at CTIA, I recorded a short demo of ViewdleFaces and learned more about what the Palo Alto-based company has in store. Aside from the already-cool face-tagging in photos, there are also plans to use photos to automatically check-in friends to Facebook Places and offer an augmented reality game using the camera viewfinder. Viewdle plans to expand to other websites besides Facebook, and this technology will likely be refined for other uses. Watch the video below to see Viewdle in action, and be on the lookout for other upcoming products.