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Unity to boost gaming on Android, and bring quality ports

March 1, 2011 | by Michael Heller

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Unity plugin for Android

The Unity plugin is a great way to bring 3D gaming to web browsers and it already existed on iOS as well, but now it’s coming to Android. At the Game Developer’s Conference out in San Francisco, Unity announced that it is bringing support to Android.

The trick with the web plug-on of Unity is that it is more akin to cloud processing for 3D games, though there is hardware acceleration involved. The idea is to unload the massive amounts of storage and processing power needed for modern gaming. So, rather than building a game that can take up to 1 GB of storage, a game can be much smaller. The benefit of Unity for Android is easy cross-platform porting. Because the Unity platform has already been in use for a while on the web and on iOS, now those games can be quickly ported over to Android. There have even been reports that the porting process is as easy as one-click.?Word has it that Stupid Zombies, a game that Andrew reviewed last week, was ported from iOS to Android in two days using the Unity tools.

Unity had released a preview version in the summer of 2010, which has been used to port 50 games to Android including: Rocket Bunny, Abduction, Battle Bears, Samurai II: Vengeance, Stupid Zombies, Breakout Kings and a bunch more. The quality of those games has been quite high, so the full release of the Unity tools can only be a sign of even more quality games coming to Android.