Kyocera Echo comes to Sprint for $199 on April 17

March 14, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka


kyocera android phone

The Kyocera Echo didn’t wow many people when Sprint unveiled the Android 2.2 phone with the help of David Blaine last month. Maybe Sprint will get lucky and work its magic when the Kyocera Android phone with dual touch screens launches next month.

Sprint announced today that the Kyocera Echo will go on sale for $199 beginning April 17, 2011. A two-year agreement and a Sprint smartphone plan are required to get the $199 price.

The Echo phone is an Android first, sporting dual 3.5 inch touchscreens that can pivot into forming one 4.7 inch screen. Sprint and Kyocera say the Echo has “simul-tasking” for the phone’s ability to perform separate functions on either screen or have the two work in concert with select Android apps. This can be used for gaming on two screens, managing media, and browsing maps or the web with another window free for select movements.

It may be tough for Sprint to attract new customers to this phone. Kyocera deserves credit for innovating and creating something different, but that innovation has to stack up against a wave of new Android phones from HTC, LG, Motorola, and Samsung that aim to meet customer demands for newer hardware and software. We’ll discover if Kyocera is up to the challenge shortly.

Pre-orders for the Kyocera Echo begin March 26 at If you’re still on the fence or need a refresher course on what the phone has to offer, here are the Kyocera Echo specs highlighted by Sprint. You can also check-out video from the presentation here.