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Rumor Smash! Google confirms that custom UIs are perfectly fine on Honeycomb

March 25, 2011 | by Michael Heller

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There is a rumor that’s been spreading that Google has banned custom UIs from use on Honeycomb (despite what we’ve already seen from Samsung.) The rumor began, because at a conference in Germany an LG representative claimed that Google had said that they would be restricting custom UIs in Honeycomb, because they wanted updates to push out to everyone and to reduce fragmentation. Well, it turns out those rumors aren’t true.

I contacted Google regarding the issue (surprisingly something no one else seemed to bother doing before spreading the story), and a Google press rep answered:

That rumor is inaccurate, there are no restrictions on custom UIs for Honeycomb whatsoever.

So, there you go. Samsung is free to use their Live Panels and TouchWiz, HTC is free to Sense it up, and anyone else who may want to can customize Honeycomb however they see fit. Fragmentation and updates will come as they may, because Google is staying the course.