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Rumor: LG G-Slate and Optimus 2X gets T-Mobile release date

March 17, 2011 | by Michael Heller



The rumors had been that the G-Slate would launch on March 23rd, but that’s starting to look pretty unlikely as that is less than a week away and T-Mobile has yet to make an official announcement. Luckily, TmoNews is reporting that both the G-Slate and the Optimus 2X (which also looks to be going by the name G2X), will actually be launching in April.

TmoNews, which originally reported the leaked document showing March 23rd as the launch date, is now changing their story, but not giving a source for this info. The new info is that the G-Slate and the G2X will launch April 20th, and the official announcement will come at CTIA next week. So, it may be that the March 23rd date was pointing to the G-Slate announcement at CTIA rather than the actual release date. Either way, in at most another month, we’ll finally have a Honeycomb tablet competitor to the Xoom!