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Orange Agenda releases its first game: the Unity 3D powered Stellar Escape

March 15, 2011 | by Lars Aronsson

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Stellar Escape

Swedish indie game developer Orange Agenda has released its first title in the Market: Stellar Escape. In the game, you get to play a courier in the future on a delivery mission gone haywire. It uses the Unity 3D game engine, and the goal of Stellar Escape is to make it alive through each of the nine levels by jumping, sliding, diving and swinging to avoid traps.

I tried the game for an hour or so today, and I’m actually impressed. The on-screen controls are really good, although they take up a pretty large part of the screen, and it’s easy to get a hang of them. Merely nine levels may not sound like much, but the levels quickly get more difficult, so they’ll likely keep you busy for a while. The developer is also planning on adding more levels in future updates.

Since Stellar Escape uses the Unity 3D engine, it has nice graphics, as you can see for yourself in the official promo video at the bottom of the post. The game also features OpenFeint integration, so there are online leaderboards and the game keeps track of your achievements. There is unfortunately no free Lite version of the game yet, but according to the developer, that will soon change. Stellar Escape is available for $1.41 in the Market.

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