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Opera Mobile 11 and Mini 6 for Android video demo

March 23, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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Opera Mobile has managed to stick around the conversation of best desktop browser, despite massive gains from Firefox and Chrome. On Android, the folks from Opera Software are attempting to gain a stronger foothold in mobile with the release of its relaunched browsers.

Opera Mobile 11 and Opera Mini 6 have both been retooled to improve the browsing experience on an Android phone. However, what’s really exciting here is that Opera Mobile 11 has also been reworked to support Android tablets. The latest version now detects when an Android tablet – say the Motorola Xoom – is being used, and the interface changes to take advantage of all that extra screen space.

At the Pepcom Mobile Focus event, Opera gave me a quick demo of both the Mobile and Mini browsers that were rumored to debut. I walked away impressed by both. Opera Mobile has faster panning and zooming for fluid movements, new options for sharing URL’s, and the ability to restore a session. And it supports Adobe Flash video when the user clicks on content!

I’ve used Opera Mini sporadically since it debuted last year, and the same holds true for Opera Mobile. While I jump from browser-to-browser with reckless abandon, I’ve notice constant improvement in Opera. Here’s a look at what’s seen in the latest version. Download links are below.

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Opera Mini
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