The future of Android power is cord-free. Wireless Charging Pads demo [Video]

March 24, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



The HTC Thunderbolt, like many Android phones before it, has less than optimal battery life. While companies still have work to do to get longer battery life, at least we know that charging the Thunderbolt and other future smartphones will be a little easier with the wireless charging technology shown at CTIA 2011.

Here at CTIA, LG announced that it will release a wireless charging pad that charges phone batteries without needing to plug-in a cord to the phone or rely on after-market cases. Both Energizer and Powermat have delivered similar solutions in the past, but the LG Wireless Charging Pad ($69.99) has an inside track because its technology can be enabled before the phone ever gets into your hands. That means your HTC Thunderbolt, or any Verizon LTE phone slated to be released this year, can ship with a built-in charging solution that doesn’t block any ports or force you to buy third-party cases.

The LG Wireless Charging Pad is an example of the new inductive charging options coming from the Wireless Power Consortium, an organization that aims to create a world in which people are “connected without wires.” The group develops technology used to build smart charging solutions that can be hidden in a bowl on your end table or even a panel in your desk. Several Android phone makers are members of the consortium, so we’ll more than likely see this technology spread to other devices in the future.

Here’s a demo of the LG Wireless Charging Pad and other charging solutions filmed at CTIA 2011.