iSupply teardown prices the parts of the Xoom

March 1, 2011 | by Michael Heller

Motorola Tablets


A few days ago we saw the teardown of the Motorola Xoom and the ease with which the 4G upgrade could be performed. Now, we’ve got the cost breakdown of all those parts from the teardown, and the total cost of the Motorola Xoom: $359.92. This is, of course, the cost of the parts alone, not the cost of production, shipping, marketing, etc. So, we can’t use this to say exactly how much profit Motorola is making off of each Xoom sold. I mean that silly Super Bowl commercial alone cost about $3 million, and that’s got to be paid for somehow.

The breakdown of the components is:

It’s a bit pointless to compare these numbers to the iPad, because the numbers for the iPad 2 don’t exist, and comparing a brand new device to a year old device makes no sense. Even comparing to the Galaxy Tab which is only about 5 months old doesn’t work so well. Just for a bit of perspective, in November the screen of the Galaxy Tab was $57, and the memory cost was $51, whereas the larger screen and bigger and better memory of the Xoom clocks in at $140 and $80 respectively.

The other parts don’t vary a great deal, but the screen size is definitely the biggest cost of a tablet. That may account for the cheaper price leaked for the LG G-Slate, which is only an 8.9″ screen. If the Galaxy Tab’s 7″ screen cost $57, and the Xoom’s 10.1″ screen cost $140, an 8.9″ screen could certainly cut the cost.