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Honeycomb browser isn’t up to par on HTML5

March 8, 2011 | by Michael Heller

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Sencha has released a “developer scorecard” for the Motorola Xoom, focusing on the HTML 5 performance of the Honeycomb browser. It comes up with some interesting findings, which they boil down to “The Xoom browser is not ready for prime-time ? even for ‘HTML4′? and it urgently needs a patch update if Motorola wants the product to succeed.”

The Honeycomb browser scores a perfect 100/100 on Acid3, but at the same time shows a number of rendering bugs. For example, in the image above, although it shows a perfect score, the word “Acid3″ is supposed to be black font with a drop shadow as seen here. Although, in comparison, I ran this test in Google Chrome on my desktop (dev channel v.11) and it came up with a 93/100 and had a number of rendering errors, as you can see here.

In the SunSpider testing, the new version of Webkit combined with the Tegra 2 put the Xoom and Honeycomb well ahead of the competition, but the testing was done in comparison to the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the OG iPad. iOS 4.3 is said to speed up JavaScript performance, and the iPad 2 features a dual-core CPU, so it will be interesting to see if they update these results.

The real world testing is where the real troubles are. According to Sencha, CSS3 animations were “almost completely broken”, and had “basic correctness issues”. So, Sencha suggests that any HTML5 devs should wait for the inevitable patch from Google, before trying to make something for Honeycomb.

All this is actually very troubling news, because Google has been a driving force behind HTML5. Google discontinued their own Gears project in order to focus on HTML5 solutions. They have built in an HTML5 option for YouTube. And, HTML5 is the basis for the entire Google Chrome Web store. Google needs to have its own products up to par if it wants to be successful in driving the web forward.