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Google Mobile search adds Instant Previews on Android 2.2

March 8, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



Google Search has a great feature called Instant previews that shows thumbnails of page results. This allows Google visitors to enter a search term and see quick previews of a page without clicking the link. So if you’re trying to find a website you visited previously without having to click link after link, this will make it possible.

Google Mobile Search now supports Instant Previews on Android phones running version 2.2 or higher. Instant Previews displays thumbnails for search results and then side-scrolls through previews to help decide which is the right link to click. So someone searching for “Android Apps Alert” can see thumbnails of our weekly app reviews and know if they’re being carried to or one of the spam websites scraping our content.

Instant Previews makes it possible to find a specific article with photos, instructions, or if it’s just a spam website. You can do it all without having to repeatedly press the back button in order to get to the right page. This is a feature that I have enjoyed using on the desktop, but it seems better-suited for the mobile experience. Mobile phones don’t have as much screen space or processors as fast as desktop PC’s, so skipping the long loading times of going back-and-forth between search results is very appealing.

Perform a search on your Android phone and then click the magnifying glass to launch previews. Google says that it currently supports 38 languages, though it did not list the names of those languages in the announcement. We can also assume that unlike previous Google launches, this is not a U.S.-only feature because dozens of languages are supported. Test it now at if you have a phone with Android 2.2 or higher.