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Foodspotting for Android makes me hungry

March 1, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka


foodspotting is a community for people who love to eat and share with others. That community just got a little bigger today as the FoodSpotting Lite Android app is now available in the Market.

Foodspotting serves as both a restaurant guide and menu recommendation engine for foodies. It enables users to see photos of delectable dishes and then share them with other members, who can then “nom” (think of it as a Facebook Like) to raise its popularity. So in addition to seeing that there’s a great Argentine steakhouse nearby, you know to order the churrasco that so many others have promoted on Foodspotting.

The community of Foodspotting members is fairly large and appeals to people craving specific menu items. The service focuses less on “snarky reviews” and more on user-recommended foods. Launch the app and an image showcasing a dish from a nearby restaurant pops-up, along with a short description of the item and directions to the restaurant. Users can also side-scroll to the next plate and see items from other restaurants, or click on the taps to browse Latest or Best recommendations in your area.

It’s almost lunch time, so download Foodspotting from the Android Market and find some good eats.

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