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Dungeon Defenders bringing cross-platform multiplayer gaming, but not to everyone

March 2, 2011 | by Michael Heller

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This is something I’ve personally been waiting to see for a long time: true cross-platform multiplayer gaming. I have a PS3, and an Android. Some of my friends have a PS3 and a Palm Pre, some have XBox, some don’t even own a console or a smartphone. Finally, none of that will matter… assuming we all like Dungeon Defenders that is.?Today at GDC, Dungeon Defenders developer Trendy Entertainment showed off their Unreal engine-powered game running real cross platform multiplayer on PS3, Windows, iOS, and Android (sorry Linux and Mac users.)

Trendy is hoping that platform agnostic gaming becomes the industry standard, and in this iteration, I could see it working. The mix of a console, PC, and multiple smartphone platforms makes sense. However, I severely doubt the day where PS3, XBox or Wii users can play online together is anywhere close. Allowing cross-platform multiplayer between Mac and Windows, or Android and iOS makes sense, because those platforms are really computing platforms, and few people are buying the OS for a specific game. In the world of consoles and their portable couterparts, the opposite is true. Console owners, in general, have that system for the games that are available there, because consoles are highly divided based on their exclusive games. But, more and more, there is no such thing as platform exclusivity with smartphone OSes. As Android has proven, once the users are there, the developers will bring everything else over to them.

So, who is on board for the action-RPG Dungeon Defenders? Is this the game to?kick-start?a cross-platform gaming trend?