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Rumor: Samsung prepping Android phone for Boost Mobile?

March 17, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



Boost Mobile phones are far from impressive. It’s mainly flip and feature phones; there aren’t many choices for Android phones except for the Motorola i1. Boost phones may get a – wait for it – boost from an upcoming device from Samsung.

Samsung Mobile just sent us an invite to an event its hosting in partnership with Boost Mobile in New York next month. The invitation says that the two phone companies are “cooking up something hot,” which is either a reference to neighborhood hosting the event (Hell’s Kitchen) or a phone name that I can’t quite pinpoint. Maybe there’s a new star in its Galaxy burning bright? We know that Samsung is doing big things at CTIA next week, but it may carry-over that momentum to the April 5th event for Boost Mobile.

There’s no guarantee that this is an Android phone, but it’s likely considering that Samsung has bet heavily on Android. Windows Phone or Bada are possibilities, but I doubt that’s the case since Samsung has traditionally been very good about only inviting us to Android-related events.

So, cross your fingers Boost Mobile customers; you’re in need of some better Android phones after all. The Motorola i1 was already outdated when it arrived last year and newer devices spread the quality gap even farther. Low-cost plans make Boost Mobile attractive to young people and budget conscious consumers, but the savings will be less appealing if phones lack the great features that they see their friends use. Something like a more affordable Galaxy S or perhaps a Galaxy Pro could do well with Boost’s subscribers. The four major carriers dominate the Android conversation. It’s time we see more Android phones heading to smaller carriers.