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Android Apps Alert #52: Monster Jobs and Monster Games

March 13, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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Another week, another round of the best Android apps that aren’t weak. does a weekly round-up the best titles – whether for gaming, productivity, or communication – to keep up with the tens of thousands of apps in the Android Market. Mini-reviews and download links are available below. Send suggestions to our Twitter account with the #androidapps tag.

This week’s theme is Monster Jobs and Monster Game. There’s a new app from the popular job hunting website, a few apps for basketball and soccer fans, and app that is a game. Enjoy.


Android 2.1 or higher required

The economy is in the tank and people need jobs. Since you’re spending money on an Android phone, you might as well find a job with the official app for Android. People seeking employment can browse the job listings and mark them to be saved for reading again on the desktop. (There’s unfortunately no way to apply to a job directly within an app) Users can search for jobs nearby and see a map of where jobs are located. They can also browse application history, saved searches, and add a cover letter to their account. The Android app isn’t full-featured, but it works for finding, well, work.

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Android 2.1 or higher required

Instagram, Path, picplz, and a handful of other mobile apps exist to help people share their photos online. Socialcam aims to do the same for video. Socialcam films videos and then uploads them for sharing with friends. Rather than be public like Qik or YouTube, it’s designed to only go to your friends. Shoot a vid, tag a friend, and they will receive notifications via Facebook wall posts. You can also follow a person, track your followers, and see all videos that you have recorded or been tagged in by friends.

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ESPN Bracket Bound

Android 2.0 or higher required

It’s that time of year again: March Madness! ESPN has released an Android app to track all the teams that are going dancing in the NCAA basketball tourney. Follow the Jimmer or Duke with live scores, schedules, videos, and news and notes. Bracket Bound helps track the NCAA tourney and beginning today will provide a chance to monitor your entry in the ESPN Tournament Challenge.

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MLS Match Day

Android 2.1 or higher required

And while we’re on the subject of sports, Major League Soccer fans have a new app to follow the upcoming season. MLS Match Day is the official MLS Android app, serving primarily as a way to follow your favorite club. Match Day shows news articles from club websites, schedules for the next two matches, and club rosters. There’s also a league view that shows conference standings, scoring leaders, and stories from the official news section. Push notifications will update you whenever a goal is scored. Be sure to disable the very annoying chant that plays when the app is launched. (Menu > Settings > tap “Play Chant on Launch”)

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Android 2.1 or higher required

Hextacy is a new entrant into the very popular pattern-recognition puzzle game (like Bejeweled). Clusters of similar colors form on screen and players must slide across three or more connecting tiles. The board refills with new tiles until no more moves are possible, and specially marked tiles add a nice twist to gameplay. Hextacy requires that players trace the right patterns because you cannot highlight the same tile twice; slide in the order that will maximize points for each move. Also be mindful of which tiles you remove because the game continues until no more possible moves exist. Hextacy Lite provides the basics of the game and Hextacy adds more game modes and high scores.

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Android Apps & Updates

Five Guys is a popular burger joint spreading across the country. Download this app to find the nearest location and even place an order through the app.

WinAMP took a step towards being the best Android music apps. The latest version has free music downloads, slight tweaks to the UI, gestures, Genre browsing, lock-screen player, Shoutcast, and support for Android Voice Actions. Now you can say, “Listen to Adele” and WinAMP will start playing her music.

Visual Voicemail Plus still hasn’t figured out exactly why it was banned from the Android Market, but it’s back (for now). Download it ASAP if you were a previous user unable to get a copy sooner.

Foursquare went crazy with updates this week. The check-in app now has an Explore feature to discover nearby locations. You can explore food, coffee, nightlife, shopping, art, or searching for other entertainment options. You’ll see a lot more rewards.

Hootsuite now supports geotagging tweets, simultaneous Facebook places and Foursquare venues. You can also view check-ins and tips, so it’s a great update.

Angry Birds Seasons added a new St. Patricks Day set of levels. I would love to tell you how great it is, but I quit playing AB because of the advertisements.

My Taptu added a new feature called a “News DJ” that mixes feeds from your favorite websites. The basic information from articles can be displayed in this app, and clicking a link brings up the full article in the browser. Google Reader, Facebook, and Twitter are also great sources imported into Taptu.

Google Maps updated. Again. GM Navigator directions will re-route when there’s heavy traffic, saving your time and headaches.

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