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Android Apps Alert #53: Group Up edition

March 20, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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The Best Android apps are once again on our radar, as they are every week that does a round-up of the latest and greatest entrants into the Android Market. This week, our theme is Group Up edition because all of the apps features about groups in one way or another. Whether cooking for friends, contacting lots of people, or finding people to play games with, these social apps for Android are designed to link-up with others.

Below is a list of some new Android apps worth downloading and a few other titles that we have covered recently. Check out the screen shots and click the “Install” button to be taken to the Android Market page. Feel free to send us tips about new apps using the #androidapps tag on Twitter, or send us an @ reply and we might include it in a future update. Dinner Spinner

Android 2.1 or higher available

There are thousands of ways to prepare a meal, and is a popular website for finding them. The Dinner Spinner app helps users find new recipes in one of two ways. There’s the standard search through a massive recipe database and gives users the option of filtering according to low sodium, vegan low fat, no dairy, and other labels that narrow results. Or, you can use the Spinner to quickly find a meal. Users can scroll through dish type, ingredient, and prep time to find a random meal. The app then lists the ingredients, nutritional information, user reviews, and guides budding cooks from the pot to the plate. Dinner Spinner is a free app that serves more than 40,000 recipes that you can cook. It’s like UrbanSpoon for the home.

Thanks, RMReborn for the tip!

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Marshmallow ($1.11)

Android 1.5 or higher required

Marshmallow is an Android app for photoblogging website It’s a simple browser for seeing the photo stream of people you follow, complete with captions and comments, or snap your own pics to upload. An official DailyBooth Android app is in the works, try out this $1.11 third-party client if you don’t feel like waiting. I’m not much of a Booth user but the app is easy to use for those who enjoy taking and seeing photos of others.

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Android 2.1 or higher required

AppAware, AppBrain, Chomp, and several other apps are designed to help people discover the best Android apps. People who want to focus on the best Android games ought to download HeyZap. App discovery and socializing collide in HeyZap, which connects Android gamers who “check-in” when playing a game and leave tips for others. HeyZap users can then recommend games to friends, add or read tips to get better at those games, and challenge friends. HeyZap is a great way to see which games are becoming popular and discover like-minded people who you can battle in Words With Friends or team-up with once Gun Bros adds online multiplayer. Download this app now as the number of users is rising steadily.

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Android 2.1 or higher required

There’s no sense in sending individual text messages to multiple people when you can send an SMS message to multiple people at once. InviteWiz is a group texting app that can send the same message to several sources, which can really come in handy when trying to meet-up for lunch, drinks, or update friend about a change of plans. Yes, this is available in other places, but InviteWiz has the unique ability to track replies, view guests, and have complete control of the groups receiving messages. It’s a nifty tool to have if you constantly have to keep track of people.

Note: We just did a round-up of the best messaging apps on Android. Check it out.

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PGA Tour

Android 1.6 or higher required (some phones not compatible)

Will Tiger Woods ever will another major? Your guess is as good as mine, but you can bet that you’ll find out about with PGA Tour. The official PGA Tour Android app gives golf fans a way to follow the news and events on the men’s PGA Tour. The app shows live scores from tournament events, a leaderboard that can be customized to show players you want to follow, and live updates throughout the event. There’s also the same news and select video clips that you’ll find on Certain phones running Gingerbread or custom ROM’s may have some trouble installing this app because of compatibility issues, but others who love both golf and Android should merge the two with this app.

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Go Contacts

Android 2.0 or higher required

The default Android contacts app is ugly, which is why I love Youlu so much. Go Contacts is another great contact replacement app, which happens to look an awful lot like Youlu. Go Contacts take an iOS/MIUI look for a dialed and browsing through your contacts. It’s basically a better-looking Contacts app, but it also ads cool features like sending text messages o multiple people at once, quickly search contacts, and remember phone numbers even if you can dial a portion of it. Download this app if you want a prettier dialer.

Note: This only changes the way your contacts and dialer look; it will still use the default dialer once an actual call is placed.

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Photile Live Wallpaper

Android 2.1 or higher required

Static images can get a little sprucing up with Photile Live Wallpaper. Users choose a photo and Photile will then break it down into tiles that animate it with lighting and movements. Photile provides custom settings for changing tile size, screen shift, fade speed, and more. You can also adjust the frame rate to conserve battery life. Set it to 60 fps if you want the smoothest animations, but 30fps is better if this causes your battery to fade too soon.

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