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Android Marketplace coming to Google TV soon, what apps would you want?

March 2, 2011 | by Michael Heller

Google TV


With the news about Android tablets coming these days, it might have been easy to forget that Google TV still exists, and it turns out GTV is about to get a big boost. At the Over-the-Top TV Conference (OTTCon) in San Jose yesterday, Ashish Arora,?the VP and general manager of Logitech’s Digital Home Group (of which GTV is part), was asked about the Android Market on GTV.?He didn’t give an exact time frame, but he said that the Android Market would “definitely” be on GTV this year, and that it would likely happen in the “very short term”.

There have been rumors that the Market would eventually make its way to GTV, especially once Google added the an option for compatibility with non-touchscreen devices to the developer console. The big question is: what apps would you want on your TV? YouTube makes the most sense, but it’s already built-in to GTV, as is Twitter, Pandora, Netflix, Amazon VOD, and a couple news apps. There aren’t really a lot of games that would make sense to translate to a TV, and a lot of news or social networking content that you may want would be accessible through the Chrome browser anyway.

So, what apps would you use?