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Android Market in-app billing: it’s so easy a Caveman could do it [Video Demo]

March 30, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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The Android Market finally supports in-app-billing. Google announced its intention to enable purchasing of app upgrades several months ago, and then confirmed it would arrive this week. The feature is live for developers and available for several Android apps that take advantage of in-app billing.

Now users can purchase a new arsenal of weapons and equipment in Gun Bros, new songs from Tap Tap Revenge, and new comics from, um, Comics. It’s all designed to make your premium Android experience ridiculously easy, which arrives at just the right time considering all that competition coming from the jungles of Android.

In-app purchases are painless. I just tested it for myself using the latest version of Gun Bros and managed to go from a lowly grunt with a pistol to a high-ranking commando packing a level-clearing laser. And it only cost me a fiver rather than hours of gameplay typically required to accumulate that amount of coins. Here’s a short video showing how easy the system works.

Keep in mind, this will only work if a developer has added the purchasing code. At the time this video was filmed, the only confirmed apps are Comics, Deer Hunter Challenge HD, Dungeon Defenders, Gun Bros, and WSOP3. I’m sure that number will increase in the days and weeks to follow. Be sure to only use apps that you trust and have included the code securely.