ActionComplete 2 upgrades Android and web GTD sync

March 1, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

Android App Reviews, Productivity


ActionComplete has undergone another transformation, this time as a more customizable project management app. ActionComplete for Android and AC Pro for Web have been updated to add premium features that follow David Allen’s GTD method.

I’ve used the new version of ActionComplete for a few days and found that the app is a strong tool for tracking tasks, projects, and your productivity needs. The app manages Actions (tasks), Waits (tasks completed by others), Projects (complex, multilevel sets of tasks), and Ideas (future projects that are only in the concept stage). ActionComplete can be used to organize the many things that you must get done – such as daily tasks and long-term projects associated with running certain Android websites – and provides a clean dashboard to make sense of it all.

Android 2.2 is required for the latest version of ActionComplete, but AC Retro is still available for Android 1.6+ users. GTD practitioners will find that the new ActionComplete has several features worth using, including:

  • Homescreen widget – Users can put a 4×2 widget on the homescreen that will display Actions, Waits, Projects, or Ideas. Items can be created or edited directly from the widget, and users can also search through their task lists or sync with AC Web.
  • People metadata links stored contacts to a task. So if you have a co-worker or client involved in multiple actions, the person view will link to all actions tied to that person.
  • Places metadata shows tasks that can be completed nearby a given location. Vicinity View will then open Google Maps and reveal nearby locations that may be related (a task with Home Depot will reveal nearby Home Depots).
  • Tags metadata can be any tag you apply (“Jones Account” or “Movies”) that can be used to filter actions.

A free, ad-supported version is available, or users can purchase the ad-free AC Pro for $4.99. Along with the previously mentioned features, it also supports live folders showing tasks that are due today, reminders, CSV export of your data, and synchronization with ActionComplete for the Web. Below is a video showing AC for the Web.

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