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We Rule for Android coming this spring, we go hands-on [Video]

February 4, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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Can you plant crops, construct houses, and run an entire kingdom? Of course not, but you can pretend that you know what you’re doing with the We Rule game that does these tasks in a virtual world.

Ngmoco, Inc., confirmed that We Rule, already vastly popular on iOS, will debut on Android soon. The app has been in development for a few months and may arrive in a few more months. The app is currently in an alpha build and developers hope to have it ready in “a couple of months.”

We Rule will be a free game that supports upgrades with Google’s newly-announced in-app purchasing system. It will arrive on Android phones and tablets, with support for connecting with friends on Android or iOS. There will be integration across platform and device type, so users can play on their EVO just as easily as they play on a Xoom.

Here’s a live demonstration from Google’s recent Honeycomb event.