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Understanding the new Android Market web store [Video Hands-on]

February 2, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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Google today announced it is rolling-out a brand new Android Market that will give both users and developers a web-based platform to discover or promote Android applications. Several months since Google executive Vic Gundotra demoed the new Market at Google I/O in May 2010, Android users can now discover apps from their desktop computers.

The new Market web store will give “users the best experience, and a variety of ways to discover new applications, and a very seamless path to installing and purchasing those applications,” Google announced today. While some users have been unable to log-in immediately after was announced, here’s what’s new and an explanation of what to expect.

The Market web store displays all of the same content of the Android Market, only it does it in a manner more suited for the web. Graphics are larger, video is featured more prominently, and the long descriptions typically requiring long scrolls are easier to scan. The web store allows users to see featured content, see an app’s permission requests, and then click it to download or purchase. As soon as the purchase has been authenticated, Google will push the download to the device. Within moments of purchase, you will be playing a game or reading the news.

Users with multiple devices can filter according to apps that are compatible with each (ie you want to see only apps for your Motorola Xoom, not your Droid X). A page marked “My Market Account” will allow users to see all of their purchased apps and install them to another device. Users will also be able to apply names to particular devices “My EVO” will differentiate between “My Xoom” for example.

There is also a social element thanks to the ability to share a recommendation for a particular app through Twitter. Links are pre-shortened and followers can click to be taken directly to that website. However, if the person is reading the tweet while on their phone, the link automatically recognizes a mobile presence and brings the user to the Android Market client.

Below is a video showing both the Market client and the webstore.