Sprint Galaxy Tab gets an OTA maintenance update EA24

February 7, 2011 | by Chris Smith


Samsung Galaxy Tab

Well, it isn’t the Honeycomb update that you may be looking for, but Sprint has just announced that their Galaxy Tab is receiving a quick OTA maintenance update as we speak. The details are sor t of boring really, but take a look below to see what you early adopting Android tablet owners will get:

  • an updated baseband from version S:P100.08 S.DJ29 to S:P100.08.S.EA24
  • new drivers for the LCD supplier (maybe improving LCD performance?)
  • QIK software update to 0.04.77 (will overlay existing version)
  • Exchange email fixes

Like I said, nothing too exciting. To update, Sprint says to go to your Settings –> About My Galaxy Tab –> System Updates and choose either Update Android or Update Firmware. The download will be OTA and shouldn’t take too long. Sprint also says that they will be rolling these out over the next few days with 100% of devices updated within 4 or so days. So, if it isn’t showing up now, be patient. Let’s hope this goes over a little better than Sprint’s first update to the EVO 4G last year essentially bricking it.

Let us know in the comments below how things turn out or if you have any issues.

Via [Sprint]