Sonos Music Controller makes sweet noise in your home [Video demo]

February 16, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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The thousands of songs stored on your home computers deserve more than just a laptop speaker working at full blast. Remedy that issue with the Sonos Wireless Music System, which eliminates the need to listen to an inferior sound or constantly return to your room and update music.

Sonos Music Controller for Android creates a home audio system that places high-quality speakers in multiple rooms throughout a location, and then gives the user complete control through a recently-released Android app. From an Android phone, users can blast “Welcome to the Jungle” in their living room or easily switch to “Sexual Healing” in the bedroom. Best of all, you can designate a specific song to play on one Sonos receiver and have a different song load on the other (or play one song on all players).

Sonos goes beyond just being a manager of local music. The app can control streaming services like Pandora, Rhapsody, or Spotify, or it can broadcast from thousands of local radio stations. It provides complete control of your audio library, drawing from multiple computers in your home/office, several online sources, and delivers complete control over playback.

The Sonos Controller for Android app will debut next month and will be free. However, users will have to purchase the physical Sonos S5 audio systems in order to listen to music. Here’s a video demo courtesy of Sonos at MWC.