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Sidearm Sports gives iOS the finger, brings college sports news to Android

February 4, 2011 | by Michael Heller

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This story hit me personally for two reasons – first, Sidearm Sports is based at my alma matter, Syracuse University; and, second, because in their blog post announcing their move to Android ended with this:

Stay tuned as I plan on moving from my iPhone to a Droid as I believe over the next 12-18 months you will see Droids take over iPhone’s as the more desired platform with a wider variety of apps. I don’t just want to replace my iPhone however; I want to destroy it (need to take my frustration out somewhere). I am open to any and all creative ideas on how to destroy the phone.

The basic story is that Sidearm Sports had been developing for the iPhone for a long time, but ultimately became frustrated with the review policies. The trouble was that Apple marked them as spam because they wanted to release essentially the same app, but each app was targeted at a specific university and populated with news, scores and photos for that school. Apple went on to tell them that “Applications based on a common feature set should be combined into a single container app”. Sidearm thought it might be too difficult to “make the 87 pixel icon a montage of our 450 collegiate athletic partners. Every partner gets 4 pixels.”

So, Sidearm is ditching iOS and moving to Android, and they’ve already released their first app for, of course, Syracuse University. The app is very well made, with a nice and simple UI and a is a good source of info. Syracuse is the starter school app, but in the future there should be apps for hundreds of other schools including Cornell University, Davidson College, Drexel University, Eastern Michigan University, University of Nebraska and other NCAA DI, DII, DIII, NAIA, NJCAA and collegiate conferences.

You can install the app if you’re a fan of the Orange, or just head over to Sidearm’s blog to read about their messy breakup with iOS.

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