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Samsung Galaxy Tab gets Gingerbread… via Cyanogen 7

February 4, 2011 | by Michael Heller

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galaxy tab gingerbread cyanogen

After seeing the wonders of Honeycomb running on the Nook Color, this news probably comes as a bit of a disappointment for Galaxy Tab owners, but luckily Cyanogen knows how to build quality ROMs. The trouble is, this isn’t a ROM officially from Cyanogen, it’s a port of Cyanogen 7 done by another developer, so be careful if you want to give this a try.

Cyanogen 7 is the experimental ROM that puts the fun of Cyanogen atop the dark tones of Gingerbread. The nightlies have been out on various phones for a few weeks now, and in my experience ran very well on the Nexus One. This version for the Samsung Galaxy Tab is said to still be pretty buggy, so it’s not a good choice for everyday use, but still good for some playing around.

Basic functions are working including: voice calls, 3G data, WiFi, and possibly GPS, but everything else is hit or miss. Try it at your own risk, or keep checking back on the xda thread for updates.