Pro Evolution Soccer 11 tackles Android [Video Game Reviews]

February 9, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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Pro Evolution Soccer and FIFA always battle for the title of best football/soccer game on consoles. Now the Konami vs EA camps can argue over the best mobile game as PES 2011 is available in the Android Market.

Footy fans can play Konami’s PES 2011 now for 4.99 euros, a rather expensive proposition depending on where you live. Those willing to fork over the cash will discover that this game requires some fast learning, too. All game actions are handled through one of two buttons and a virtual pad, but it can sometimes be tough to perform those actions. Defending goal is tough because of an annoying automatic player switch, and playing through balls or crosses requires great precision. Thankfully, Konami at least managed to at least make kick feints easier to do by holding A then quickly pressing B to trip up defenders.

After a few days of limiting errant passes and learning to respond quickly, PES 11 actually proves to be a decent game. Matches typically run smoothly on my HTC EVO, but performance may vary depending on phone. Pushing a finger further away from the V-Pad will accelerate, which can lead to some great goals when coupled with creative passing. And while licensing issues will force you to play as London FC instead of Chelsea, you won’t have much time to care about branding when Drogba is racing towards goal.

PES 11 can be challenging or easy depending on difficulty level, and there are options to mount club campaigns or international tournaments. Whether users find that enough to purchase this game is tough to say. I have enjoyed playing the game recently, but I doubt I’ll still have that opinion in a few weeks since I don’t get the urge to play this as much as I do with other games. In the end, a decent app isn’t necessarily an exciting one. Here’s a short video showing action from PES 2011.

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App: PES 2011

Price: 4.99 euros