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NVIDIA somehow decides it’s a good business idea to show you how soon the unreleased tablets will be obsolete

February 15, 2011 | by Michael Heller

Android News

Tegra roadmap

The massive influx of Tegra 2 devices hasn’t even hit the market yet, but NVIDIA thought they should show off why you shouldn’t buy those, because the Tegra 3 is coming soon enough. In fact, if you’re really patient, in 2.5 years NVIDIA plans to release a Tegra chip that’s 75x more powerful than the Tegra 2. How’s that for speedy obsolescence?

NVIDIA showed off their comic book themed roadmap with the Tegra 3, code-named Kal-el (aka Superman) which will be 5x more powerful than the Tegra 2, and will begin production in August. The Tegra 3 will be a quad-core chip and feature a 12 core GPU. They even showed it running on stage pushing out 1440p video on a 2560×1600 screen.

If that’s not ridiculous enough, the Tegra 4, code-named Wayne (aka Batman), is scheduled for 2012 and be 10x more powerful than the Tegra 2. The Tegra 5, code-named Logan (aka Wolverine), is scheduled for 2013 and will be about 50x more powerful than the Tegra 2. And, finally the Tegra 6, code-named Stark (aka Ironman), is scheduled for 2014 and will be 75x more powerful than the Tegra 2.

So, regardless of if you need the power, how will it factor into your tablet purchasing knowing that something 5x more powerful will be dropping in August?