New round of Notion Ink Adam pre-orders about to start

February 9, 2011 | by Michael Heller

Notion Ink

notion ink adam box

When I woke up this morning I saw I had an e-mail from Notion Ink inviting me to login and order an Adam tablet if I wanted. I logged in, saw that the pricing was still the $375-550 from the original round of pre-orders, then I left the site without placing an order. As much as I want an Android tablet with a transflective display, I’m just not sold on the Adam any more. The price is right, but there have been reports that the colors on the screen are washed out, the reports on battery life vary quite a lot, and the touchscreen sensitivity has also been questioned. Couple those issues with more in-depth looks at upcoming Honeycomb tablets, and I can’t justify a pre-order right now.?I am still rooting for Notion Ink to be a success and keep on the right track, but I also know to be wary of first gen hardware, especially from startups.

Adding to that, the pre-order page that I was sent to still did not have any images of the products being sold, and Rohan Shravan, in his new blog post, laid out some things to note before ordering. He reminded users that the Adam does not have access to the Android Market, and will be upgraded directly to Honeycomb, skipping Gingerbread, though no timetable for that upgrade was given.

What do you think? Is $550 for a fully stocked Adam a better deal than waiting on the Honeycomb tablets? Remember, the Xoom may be listed at $800, but we still don’t have price tags for the G-Slate, or whatever Honeycomb tab HTC is sure to announce at MWC. I’m choosing to wait a bit more, are you?

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