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Mozilla: Firefox 4 is up to 3x as fast as stock Android browser

February 1, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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We’ve been tracking Firefox since it was still being called Fennec. And while Androinica writers have internally praised what’s now known as Firefox for Android, storage size and speed have been issues that have kept some of us – present company included – from making it our standard browser. Mozilla says it has updated Firefox in a way that may force me to reconsider that.

Firefox for Android is faster than previous versions. So fast that Mozilla says that Firefox 4 is “faster than the stock Android browser” based on multiple benchmark tests. We’ve seen this claim made by other browsers and discovered that benchmark tests don’t always translate to real-world results. However, people who liked Firefox but craved speed can rest assured that the new version is faster than previous incarnations.

Mirroring the desktop experience, Firefox’s greatest strength is its expandability. The Android version of Mozilla’s browser supports more than 100 add-ons (browse the gallery) and syncs settings with desktops. Even if you don’t buy into claims that Firefox is twice as fast as the stock browser on one benchmark, and 3 times as fast on another, these are the types of powerful features to make it worth giving it a shot.

Thanks, Jordan