Motorola Xoom has relockable bootloader, activation cost, and gold streak for celebs

February 22, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

Motorola Tablets


There’s a new tidbit about the Motorola Xoom every 20 minutes, so I decided to combine all of them into one post so you don’t get overloaded with Xoom news Here’s the latest information about the world’s first Honeycomb tablet – or at least the most recent stories that are sure to be old news when a million new things come out next hour.

The Bootloader is relockable

The good folks running the Motorola Twitter account say that the XOOM will ship with an “unlockable/relockable bootloader that will enable developers to access hardware for development.” You may remember that Motorola previously released phones that locked the bootloader and prevented users from loading custom ROM’s.

While Motorola’s previous stance on this issue has been “buy someone else’s products” if you want to hack your device, the XOOM will have a path that will likely lead to rooting of the device and people being able to load custom ROM’s. Nice to know. Then again, the damn thing’s so expensive that you may be hesitant to risk damage by toying with it?.haha, yeah right.

via Droid-Life

Don’t forget the activation costs

UPDATE: NEVERMIND. Verizon has rescinded it’s activation costs, so you only have to pay for the direct of the device and not activation or 1 month of required service.

Verizon confirmed today that the Motorola Xoom would cost $599 on a two-year contract or $799 when purchased on a non-contract price. It was previously reported that at least 1-month of Verizon service is required when purchased at Best Buy, and reader Seth reminded us today that means there will also be an activation cost associated with your purchase. A Best Buy manager and a Verizon salesperson both told him a $35 activation fee would be applied at purchase. Sure, that’s a drop in the bucket, but this already expensive endeavor pushes your total purchase to $855 if you don’t want to sign a contract. I bet that Wi-Fi only option just got a lot more appealing.

Thanks, Seth

Golden Xoom for Oscar attendees

One group of people who won’t have to worry about a silly thing like costs are Oscar hosts and nominees. These lucky millionaires will get free, limited edition Xoom’s with golden backs at Sunday’s awards presentation. That’s a lot of Xoom’s to pass out, especially since the Academy nominated 43 movies for Best Film.

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