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Motorola says the inevitable, older devices won’t receive new Android updates

February 8, 2011 | by Chris Smith



Earlier today Motorola made the announcement that four of their last-gen Android devices will no longer be receiving Android updates, essentially being “stuck” with their current Android builds. The devices include the Motorola Clique Xt (we saw this earlier from a forum posting), the i1 (a Sprint-Nextel device), the Motorola Flipout, and the Motorola Charm. The Xt and i1 will be stuck at Android 1.5 and the Flipout and Charm at 2.1.

If consumers or anyone else is surprised at this announcement or the idea that their low-range smartphones won’t be getting the latest Android updates, I’m surprised at them. Some are saying that the customer’s of these devices are upset. I don’t want to be too harsh, but if you wanted the newest in operating system upgrades, why would you buy something that isn’t the latest in hardware specs? I understand that Android devices are “old news” as soon as they are released, being outpaced by the entire industry, but buying a phone that is completely obvious to be last-gen hardware isn’t the greatest idea if you want the latest tech.

Some are comparing this to the Samsung Galaxy S “debacle” of a couple of weeks ago where Galaxy S devices aren’t being upgraded to 2.3 yet. I have to say that this isn’t even close to being the same situtation. Samsung Galaxy S phones are considered to be top-of-the-line and could easily support the newest Android software. These Moto devices are sadly not that great and were of course going to fall by the way side.

It is a definite crap shoot to know what Android device will be upgraded and what won’t, but word to the wise; if you don’t want to be left behind when buying an Android smartphone, buy one that is top-notch at the time of its release.

Via [The Droid Guy]