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MLB At Bat 2011 will broadcast live games on Android

February 10, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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The MLB at Bat 2010 Android app was great, but lacked the coveted feature of being able to watch live games. MLB execs have finally realized that as much as fans love hearing about the action, they’d much rather see the Giants or Yankees.

The 2011 At Bat application, set to be released during spring training, will feature broadcast of live baseball games. The only catch is that users will have to purchase a license for $99.99 to $119.95 for the season. It’s pricey, but that includes the ability to watch HD video on your computer, PS3, Boxee, and other compatible devices.

The 2010 version of MLB lacked game broadcast streaming because the Market limited “developer flexibility to target certain devices.” It would seem that the MLB digital team has managed to resolve those issues. It’s likely that users will still have to purchase the At Bat 2011 app in additional to their yearly subscription. Last year’s app cost $14.99 and dropped in price as the regular season ended. via GigaOM