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MapQuest brings free voice navigation to Android

February 16, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



Move over, Google Maps. MapQuest has announced today that its mapping software is available for free to Android users. MapQuest now provides voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation, searching for a destination through voice, and getting walking or driving directions.

The question most are likely to ask is why they should bother with MapQuest if Google Maps handles the same functions and is free. Aside from the possibility of MaQuest being better for you, one unique feature includes live traffic flow that shows possible jams or open roads, and refreshes every 5 minutes. There’s also the inclusion of OpenStreetMap, which is a crowdsourced map platform for people to report incorrect data or special details in places. This function works internationally.

MapQuest appears to have delivered an app that’s a mix of Google Maps and Waze. While it’s not the only alternative to Google, it’s certainly one of the most known and likely-to-be-adopted since it’s free. Users can get more details by sharing information with each other, and that, as we’ve seen with Waze, will lead to more comprehensive and accurate maps.

Download MapQuest from the Android Market.

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