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Impressive video visualizes Android activations from October 2008 to January 2011

February 24, 2011 | by Lars Aronsson

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Android activations

I don’t think any technology enthusiast is unaware of Android’s rapid growth — there are a staggering 350 000 Android devices activated every day and even fans of other mobile platforms must have noticed that Google’s OS is everywhere now.

Although Android’s rise in popularity was expected, the open-source platform was once the underdog and fans only had a small number of devices to choose from. Initially, there was of course just one single Android phone: the HTC Dream (G1).

The official Android Developers’ YouTube channel has published a video that illustrates just how quickly Android has grown since the HTC Dream was released in October 2008. It’s a “data visualization of global Android device activations from October 2008 to January 2011″, and it shows Android activations in most parts of the world. I recommend that you press play on the video below — it’s quite fascinating.

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